About Us

Our goal is to help you maintain your licenses by providing high-quality, current and practical courses in Sports Medicine. We want you to be able to acquire your CEU's in an efficient, affordable, and easy-to-use, online format.

After years of spending time and money locating and researching Continuing Education training courses, attending courses that weren't quite what we needed, or rushing in the face of CEU due dates, we conceived of this site to help others in our profession to meet their needs for completing their Continuing Education requirements.

This site fills the void we feel exists in the area of high-quality, affordable, and online continuing education course work specific to Sports Medicine.

As Sports Medicine professionals ourselves, we have an in depth knowledge and understanding of the needs of others in our industry. Our Continuing Education courses were created using coursework and information from the highest quality, respected industry publications, studies, speakers and experts in the fields of Sports Medicine.

Topics include General Medical Conditions, Injury Prevention, Injury Evaluation, Emergency Medical Care, Sports Specific Training & Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Psychosocial Issues in Sports, and sports in special populations. We utilize only respected sources to create our content and make it available to you in accredited courses that are applicable to your daily practice.

Sport Medics courses are designed to meet the Continuing Education needs of:
• Certified Athletic Trainers
• Physical Therapists
• Physical Therapy Assistants
• Strength & Conditioning Specialists
• other allied Sports Medicine Professionals

At Sport Medics, we are constantly working to add more CEU courses with material that you care about as a professional. Email us your suggested topics and we'll work to meet that request. Email: support@sportmedics.com

Thank you for the opportunity to meet your continuing education needs.

Sport Medics was founded by: Rachel Livingstone MA, ATC, and Susan Callagy MA, ATC, PTA, CSCS

Rachel-LivingstoneRachel Livingstone completed her Master of Arts degree in Kinesiology and Sports Medicine in 1999 from Sonoma State University, specializing in Biomechanics and impact forces experienced by basketball athletes as they relate to sport surfaces and overuse injuries. She has since been the Head Athletic Trainer for Cardinal Newman's Varsity High School Football for the last ten years. She has also worked extensively in the biotechnical industry, most recently with patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

Susan CallagySusan Callagy holds a Master of Arts degree in Kinesiology and Sports Medicine in 1999 from Sonoma State University, specializing in Aquatic Therapy and Chronic Low Back Pain Patient Rehabilitation, which was published in the Physical Therapy Journal 2001. She has since been a national speaker for Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation for six years. She has been the Assistant Athletic Trainer at Santa Rosa Junior College and has 15 clinical years as an Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapy Assistant in Sports Medicine Physical Therapy.